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YSC Champions in action! Anyone can be a YSC Champion
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Congrats to Jessica!
Jessica raised over $1,000 running in the Women's Only Mini 10K Fundraising Blitz! She ran for her best friend Lauren M. who was diagnosed at twenty five years old. Read more here
Happy Month of the Champion!
For the entire month of September we are focusing on all of our Champions!
Shout-Out to Dance for the Cure!
Congratulations to Studio 10 in Kansas City for another incredible Dance for the Cure fundraising event!
YSC Champion of the Year!
Congratulations to Debbie Levine on being named the YSC Champion of the Year at the 2015 In Living Pink gala. Learn more about Debbie and her Pink Lemonade Stands!
Need help Fundraising?
Check out our tips for fundraising success and review all of the resources we have created to help you succeed.
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Pledge Your Birthday

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At YSC, we believe birthdays are about celebrating life. And celebrating life isn’t about the numbers -- it’s about the memories. Countless, priceless memories making up your life.

This birthday, pay it forward by pledging your birthday to YSC. The funds you raise could give a travel grant to a young woman attending the annual Summit, or facilitate one-on-one connections with our Survivor Link program.

Pledging your birthday to YSC takes just a few minutes.

Here are some easy ways you can raise money for YSC:

  • Pledge money you receive for your birthday to YSC
  • In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to give to YSC
  • Skip the reservations and invite your friends to celebrate with a home-cooked meal. Donate the money you would have spent on a restaurant to YSC

Downloadable resources can be found here.