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Grayson Laurita

At the very young age of 33 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, thankfully it was detected early and she was able to get treatment. I'm happy to announce that she has been cancer free for 12 years. She was very lucky to have been able to beat cancer, but I know not everyone is, and I want to help do my part to help others and to help find a treatment and get support through this awful disease. I wanted to incorporate this with my passion which is cars, and vinyl wrapping my hood pink seemed like the perfect idea for me to help support this amazing organization which supports young women with breast cancer. Please donate, everything helps to reach my goal!



raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jen Laurita
From Aunt Carol and Uncle Stevie and Catherine Godfrey ❤️
2. LaFrance Family
3. Auntie
Well done, Gray. Such a heartfelt and worthy cause.
4. Amanda Simpson
What a kind man you are!!
5. Kathleen Lacker
6. Jennifer Abrahamsen
I was 36 when I was diagnosed. Gray, you are an amazing kid. Your mom is so proud of you! Keep it up kiddo!