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YSC Champions in action! Anyone can be a YSC Champion
Latest news
Congrats to Jessica!
Jessica raised over $1,000 running in the Women's Only Mini 10K Fundraising Blitz! She ran for her best friend Lauren M. who was diagnosed at twenty five years old. Read more here
Happy Month of the Champion!
For the entire month of September we are focusing on all of our Champions!
Shout-Out to Dance for the Cure!
Congratulations to Studio 10 in Kansas City for another incredible Dance for the Cure fundraising event!
YSC Champion of the Year!
Congratulations to Debbie Levine on being named the YSC Champion of the Year at the 2015 In Living Pink gala. Learn more about Debbie and her Pink Lemonade Stands!
Need help Fundraising?
Check out our tips for fundraising success and review all of the resources we have created to help you succeed.
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YSC Champions community events are a way for everyone to get involved and help support YSC, ensuring that no young woman faces breast cancer alone.

Whether it’s a lemonade stand, 5K walk/run, golf tournament, wine tasting or gala, YSC gives you the tools to create a meaningful and successful community event. We provide tips, ideas and printable materials. We also have an easy-to-use online fundraising and promotion system that allows you to send emails and keep track of donations.

We want your fundraiser to be as successful as possible!

Tips for Fundraising Success

Fundraising doesn't have to be hard. Click on the links below, follow these tips and you'll reach your goal in no time!

Spread the Word

  • Use social media! Share your fundraising progress with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. People follow you on these platforms because they are interested in your life and what matters to you, so share your fundraising goals with them!
  • Send several rounds of emails and letters. Progress updates keep your fundraising efforts in your supporters' minds, so send them every two weeks. Think of them as your status reports, not just a solicitation. Reaching out as a fundraising deadline approaches will add a sense of urgency.
  • Add a signature line to your emails. This is an easy way to promote awareness of your fundraising. Example: "I am raising money to support young women affected by breast cancer. Click here (insert link to your personal fundraising page) to learn more!"
  • Update your fundraising page often. Add notes, pictures and/or a video about your fundraising efforts. People will keep returning if they know the content is fresh!
  • Ask your supporters to forward information to their friends! In your solicitation and thank-you letters, remind your supporters to spread the word as widely as they can.
  • Research shows that most people must be reminded six times before they give to a cause.

Email/Letter-writing Campaign

  • Develop your mailing list to include your email contacts, holiday card list, etc.
  • Compose your personal email/letter. Your personal story and experience will make the greatest impact on your recipients. Also include your fundraising goal, a deadline for donations and the link to your personal fundraising page.
  • When mailing a letter, make sure you include the YSC donation form. You can also enclose a return envelope to make it convenient for your donors.
  • See the resources section for sample letters.
  • Send thank-you notes to your supporters.

Ask Everyone

  • Match gifts and double your donations. Ask every donor to see whether their company matches gifts. Encourage them to submit their matching gift forms along with their contributions. See Matching Gifts Instructions for more information.
  • Ask your boss for a company donation. Many companies are more than willing to contribute to a good cause!
  • Branch out and try asking people who have connections to other sources. For example, ask your doctor if you can post information about your fundraiser in his or her office; ask your trainer about your local gym; ask your worship community. List all of your family and friends. Remember to download the Ask Everyone Checklist to make sure you’ve created a comprehensive list.
  • The NUMBER-ONE reason people give to a charitable cause is because someone asked them!


Fundraising FAQs
Donation Form [PDF]
Donation Log [PDF]
Ask Everyone Checklist [PDF]
50 Fundraising Ideas [PDF]
Matching Gift Instructions [PDF]
Know the Cause: About YSC [PDF]
Know the Cause: Facts & Issues [PDF]
YSC Benefiting Logo [JPG]
Guidelines for Using the YSC Logo [PDF]
Business Support Flyer [PDF]

Pledge your Birthday Resources

Birthday Campaign - Social Media Graphic [JPG]
Birthday Campaign - e-invitation [PDF]
Birthday Campaign - Thank You Graphic [JPG]

Customizable Resources

Sample Appeal Letter [DOC]
Sample Thank-You Letter [DOC]
In Lieu Of Card [PDF]