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For the entire month of September we are focusing on all of our Champions!
Shout-Out to Dance for the Cure!
Congratulations to Studio 10 in Kansas City for another incredible Dance for the Cure fundraising event!
YSC Champion of the Year!
Congratulations to Debbie Levine on being named the YSC Champion of the Year at the 2015 In Living Pink gala. Learn more about Debbie and her Pink Lemonade Stands!
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Every dollar raised through YSC Champions fundraisers will support YSC’s mission to ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone. Click on a photo below to read the story.

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2015 YSC Champion of the Year Award
This award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional personal dedication to YSC by creating fundraising and awareness opportunities to support YSC via his/her own personal network and initiatives.

When my twin boys were pre-schoolers, we used to host a lemonade stand at the end of our driveway and donate the money we raised to a local charitable organization. It became an activity the boys enjoyed and it hopefully taught them something about charity. Fast forward a year or two. My first cousin, who is like a sister to me, is diagnosed with stage IIB breast cancer, eight months after the birth of her second child.Pink Lemonade Stand

I try to help her as best I can; I am a working mom, pregnant with my third child, and I live one hour away from my cousin. I contact doctors, research therapies, cook food and keep in touch with her family. She fights the disease and after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she wins. But I still feel the need to help her and others with breast cancer.

One day, I am speaking with another mother after my son’s play date. She tells me she is going to In Living Pink that evening because her friend is very active in Young Survival Coalition. I research YSC and realize it epitomizes what I am looking for: an organization that benefits young women like my cousin.

I started supporting YSC in 2004 with our Pink Lemonade event. Young women and their kids are helping other young women with kids while they battle cancer. This grassroots event has raised over $75,000. We have had a stand every Halloween at our home in Port Washington on Long Island, and we have had stands throughout October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) in our town, and many other stands in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Texas and California. One of our supporters actually hand-built me a beautiful pink lemonade stand, and numerous people have donated money, made flyers, baked goodies, created chocolates and stood at our stand with my family late into the night to raise money for YSC.

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