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This is my next journey!

Gina Bianchi

Everyone I know in one way or another has been touched by cancer. Personally, my mother, aunt and friends have battled breast cancer. It’s an ugly, difficult fight. I myself have had mammograms and ultrasounds checked and rechecked frequently for years. Just in the past two months for the first time I graduated to annual mammograms!!! Prior to that they were months apart with monitoring and concern. Waiting for result is terrible. I looked around the waiting room and felt like we are all drawing straws.

Because of those that have championed this cause before me I have access to excellent quality testing available for my health. I want to do the same for my daughters and my daughter’s children.

I've made a commitment to become a YSC Champion with my campaign: Together our strength is infinite! The money I raise will go to support Young Survival Coalition (YSC), the premier non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and educating young women affected by breast cancer.

Each year, more than 13,000 young women 40 and under are diagnosed with breast cancer. I am making the commitment to help raise money to support these women, so they can face breast cancer feeling empowered.

I know we are asked almost daily to give in someway. Please don’t feel pressured. If we give our time, talents, and resources in ways that resonate with us then we all move forward with Infinite Strength!!!



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Go girls..........wishing you the best Gina!
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Congratulations Gina!!
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