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Closer than you think...

Carrie Ciaverelli

Hi Everyone! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I've made an exciting commitment to become a YSC Champion with my campaign: Because it happened to me.... The money I raise will go to support Young Survival Coalition (YSC), the premier non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and educating young women affected by breast cancer.

Breast cancer, or more importantly surviving breast cancer, became part of my being on May 6, 2016. Stage 3 lobular carcinoma. It is estimated that my tumor had been missed for at least seven years, despite repeated mammograms, exams and ultrasounds. I was 38 years-old at the time of diagnosis, an enigma, an outlier due not just to my age but also my lack of family history. I am proud to say that it is with this campaign I hope to truly raise awareness and encourage my friends to be part of this movement. Breast cancer is not just something our mothers and grandmothers face. It is becoming much more prevalent in pre-menopausal women, women with young children, careers and busy, hectic lives.

Consider this -- at the time of my diagnosis a few months ago, with all of the 100s of clinical trials going on, I did not qualify for a single one because of my age. That is a sad and frightening reality.

Each year, more than 13,000 young women 40 and under are diagnosed with breast cancer. I am making the commitment to help raise money to support these women, so they can face breast cancer feeling empowered.

I hope that by sharing my story it will help me not only with my own healing journey, but will use this situation to create good in the world for other women dealing with this incredible process.

Any amount helps!

Thank you, in advance, for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.



raised of $1,000 goal

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1. Barbara Truitt
Keep up the good work! Aunt Barbara
2. Jennifer Wellman
Thinking of you and wish you all the best in your healing process. Cousin Jennifer & Family
3. Joshua Hoffman
4. Anthea Demos
I love you Carrie!
5. Janine & Trish
We love you!
6. Ingrid Edwards
for incredibly brave and beautiful fighting the good fight! Love Ingrid & family