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YSC Champions in action! Anyone can be a YSC Champion
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Congrats to Jessica!
Jessica raised over $1,000 running in the Women's Only Mini 10K Fundraising Blitz! She ran for her best friend Lauren M. who was diagnosed at twenty five years old. Read more here
Happy Month of the Champion!
For the entire month of September we are focusing on all of our Champions!
Shout-Out to Dance for the Cure!
Congratulations to Studio 10 in Kansas City for another incredible Dance for the Cure fundraising event!
YSC Champion of the Year!
Congratulations to Debbie Levine on being named the YSC Champion of the Year at the 2015 In Living Pink gala. Learn more about Debbie and her Pink Lemonade Stands!
Need help Fundraising?
Check out our tips for fundraising success and review all of the resources we have created to help you succeed.
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Join Us in Celebrating 20 years!


YSC is celebrating our 20th anniversary with 10 parties from coast to coast. From San Diego to Boston, we'll celebrate survivorship and toast YSC Game Changers, members of the YSC community who are changing the future of breast cancer in young adults. Join us at one of our ten celebrations here.

Don’t see your city listed in the 20th events? You can host your own celebration! Follow the steps below to host a successful and fun 20th party in your hometown.

Step 1: Register your celebration as a Champions Event
  • Click here to fill out the “Host an Event” form
    • This form requires basic information about your event such as the date, title and estimated about of attendees. Answer these questions as accurately as you can - it is okay if some of the details change as you plan your event.
  • Once you submit the form, YSC will be notified and will then approve your event.
  • Once your event is approved, YSC will send you an email confirmation with a link to your personal fundraising page for your event.
    • You can customize your page: set your fundraising goal, update your photos, and edit the message about your event and why you are fundraising to celebrate YSC’s 20th anniversary.
    • You can share your fundraising page to spread the word about your event, and to accept online tax deductible donations.
Step 2: Create a planning committee, invite your friends to get involved! This planning committee can be any of the following and more:
  • F2F group members
  • Doctors office
  • Co-workers
  • Work out buddies/yoga classmates
  • Consider who you know who could perform the roles needed for your event committee:
    • bookkeeping - handling your donations and paying expenses
    • fundraising - to solicit sponsorships or donated products
    • logistics - organizing all of the details
    • promoting - advertising your event
Step 3: Make your Event Plan
  • Choose a theme for your event, will it be built around a dinner, entertainment, or a specific activity?
  • Determine the timeline - brainstorm all of the tasks needed to host the event, and delegate who will perform each task and when.

Step 4: Reserve your Venue and Vendors
  • Explore and utilize the connections you already have. Do you know someone with access to an event venue? To food, beverages, entertainment, or products?
  • Do you know any entertainers, guest speakers, or others who could be part of your event? 

Step 5: Ask for Support
  • Solicit sponsors for your event and monetary donations - go to local business that you frequent, who would want to support you and the cause.
  • Ask for donated products - like free food, or something you can use as a giveaway
  • Tell them where their money is going. Download our resources below to share information about breast cancer and YSC when asking for a donation.
  • Download and print our Business Support Flyer below for companies who make a donation to you - they can display it in their store window.
  • See even more fundraising tips on our Champions resources page.

Step 6: Promote your event
  • Advertising your event is not just about you. It also raises awareness about breast cancer and the resources of YSC within your community.
  • Make use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram to promote your event.
  • Tell your friends and family to do the same, don’t be afraid to flood people's timelines
  • Create a Facebook event for your celebration, and share it with YSC on Facebook. YSC will be able to add your fundraiser to YSC’s list of facebook events.
  • Send out evites - here is a great site to use
  • Tell your local newspaper, radio station, post in your city’s online calendar, and put up flyers in public places.
  • Download our customizable Event Flyer below.

Step 7: Host your Event and Submit the Donations
  • Donors can make a tax-deductible donation to your event page at any time before, during or after the event.
  • After you reconcile your event expenses, you can submit your remaining donations to YSC (online to your fundraising page, or by check).
  • See our donation form below for instructions on sending check donations.
  • Don’t forget to send Thank You’s to all of your donors. Include photos from your event, and let them know how much your event raised for YSC.

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